Grameenphone (GP) All Value Added Service (VAS) Off Code 2023

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Grameenphone (GP) All Value Added Service (VAS)
 Off Code 2023

Today’s article based on Grameenphone (GP) All Value Added Service (VAS) Off Code: how to stop GP all value added service! VAS service is a value-added service that we will share Bangladesh's mobile operators Grameenphone (GP) vas stop code to help them balance charge service SMS prevention system, which will benefit many sim user.

Grameenphone (GP) SIM Card user have experienced this problem, but there is no solution. Today we will show you the easy process to cancel or stop all these VAS Service (charging money) services very let's start

Grameenphone (GP) VAS Service Off Code

How stop Grameenphone (GP) sim card user all Value Added Service (VAS)

  • To Deactivate the Missed Call Alert service, please Type “STOP MCA” and send it to 6222.
  • To Deactivate the Call Block service, please write “Stop CB” and send it to 5678.
  • To Deactivate Cricket alert service, write “STOP CR” and SMS to 2002.
  • To Deactivate Entertainment Box service, write “Stop” and send to 1234
  • To Deactivate Namaz timings service, write SMS “STOP N” to 2200.
  • To Deactivate Facebook USSD please, Press *325*22#
  • To Deactivate Internet service please, Write “off and send to *500*40#
  • To Deactivate Facebook service, Write “Stop” and send SMS to 32665
  • To Deactivate the Mobile Twitting service, please write “Stop” and send it to 9594.
  • To Deactivate Cricket Alert Service, write “Stop Cric” and send it to 2002.
  • To Deactivate Sports service, write “STOP SN” and SMS to 2002.
  • To Deactivate Mobile Backup service, Type “Stop MB” and send to 6000
  • To Deactivate Buddy Tracker service, write “Stop” and send to 3020
  • To Deactivate Music News service, write “Stop BD” and send to 4001
  • To Deactivate the Voice Chat service, please, dial 2828 and press 8.
  • To Deactivate Ebill service, write “Ebill cancel” and send it to 2000.
  • To Deactivate the Job News service, write “STOP<space>JOBCATEGORY” to 3003.
  • To Deactivate Hadith sharif service, write SMS “STOP H” to 2200.
These all are Grameenphone (GP) service off code. I almost listed all service codes. If GP authorized wants they can change the code anytime.  If you have any query you can ask questions in the comment box.

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